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Social Media Marketing Best Practices

By Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chief Marketing Officer at Kodak

Why do I take the time to use social media like Twitter and Facebook? Because in today's media landscape, it's vitally important to be where our customers are. Kodak has always embraced this marketing philosophy, and today that means being active in social media.

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Connecting with Fans on Twitter

By David Meerman Scott, Author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR, Second Edition

"Being a touring musician means meeting fans," says Amanda Palmer, lead singer for The Dresden Dolls and punk rock cabaret solo artist. "I go out and meet fans after every gig. It's important to make contact in real life and not just online in social media like Twitter."

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The Happiness of Giving (Enhanced
with a Wireless Connection)

By Dr. Jennifer Aaker, Professor at Stanford University

Not long ago in Colombia, a thirty-something engineer logged on to Facebook to begin organizing a protest against the Revolutionary Armed Forces. Within a week, he mobilized more than a million people to take to the streets and ignited the largest mass demonstration in the country's history.

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Twitter: Passing Fad
or Here to Stay?

By Pete Krainik, CEO of The CMO Club; Hollis Thomases, Author of Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day; and Patrick Strother, Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota

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SMM Strategies

By Eddie Reeves

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SMM for Corporate Branding

By Lida Citroen

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SMM Best Practices

By Eric Fletcher

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SMM for Personal Branding

By Sima Dahl

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SMM for B2C

By Kim Hennig

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SMM Research

By Caroline Dangson

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SMM for B2B

By Alex Romanovich

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SMM Maturity

By Jim Arnold

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